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Ok so this actually going to be a public journal entry, just so I won't forget where it is, I'm probably going to make it a memory as well. So I'm sure you guys have heard of that community 101 Things in 1001 Days. Pretty much you write 101 goals you wanna accomplish in just under three years. I'm really big on lists, love them. So I wanna give this a shot.

So my start date is June 23rd 2009 and my finish date will be March 20th 2012.

Anyways, so here is my list, I'm probably going to write down a list and keep it in my room too. I'm going to put stuff in order.

1. Study abroad in Australia at one point.
2. Visit my cousin in Ireland once she moves there for med school.
3. Take a train to San Fransisco to visit my uncle again and then bus it down to L.A.
4. Do Semester at Sea.
5. Roadtrip the U.S.A.
6. Get a job abroad.
7. Live in Germany for at least a month.
8. Go to Las Vegas.
9. See a concert in another city.
10. Throw a dart at a map and take a random roadtrip there in Ontario.

Health and Beauty
11. Get down between 135lbs -140lbs or size 8, whatever comes first.
12. Become a vegetarian for one month.
13. Find a hair colour and cut that I really love that suits me.
14. Use whitestrips everyday.
15. Take a mulitvitamin everyday for at least a month.
16. Find out about what make-up suits me.
17. Run a 5k.
18. Exercise at least 3x a week.

Family and Friends
19. Hang out with my brother more.
20. Look up my ancestry.
21. Become closer with my dad.
22. Visit my nanny once a month.
23. Forget people who don't matter and focus on the ones who do.
24. Be social at least 3x a week.

25. Learn the drums or violin.
26. Paint another picture.
27. Make a webcomic.
28. Finish a short story.
29. Be in a play again.
30. Make a zine.
31. Learn to dance.
32. Do NaNoWriMo.
33. Go to a Yoga class.
34. Knit something.
35. Take pictures in an abandoned place.
36. Make my own t-shirt.
37. Learn to read tarot.
38. Do a "Day in the Life of Me" photo day.
39. Buy artwork.

40. Get an A- average at U of T.
41. Take steps towards going to Grad school.
42. Learn more French.
43. Learn German.
44. Learn Japanese.
45. Take a random class for the fun of it.
46. Take a folklore course.

Good Things
47. Give blood.
48. Volunteer somewhere

49. Read 50 books in a year.
50. Host a game night.
51. Have a slumber party.
52. Go to a comedy club.
53. Go see a random band in concert based on the appeal of their name.
54. Find ten new bands I like within a year.
55. Watch 100 movies in a year.
56. Go to a weird diner in the USA.
57. Play paintball.
58. Go surfing.
59. See a show on broadway.
60. Have a kickass party.
61. Finish ten video games or more in a year.
62. Finish ten animes or more in a year.
63. Watch scary movies everyday in the month of October leading up to Halloween.
64. Explore parts of Toronto I never go to.
65. Complete a crossword book.
66. Go on a picnic.
67. Bowl 200 in bowling.
68. Do something fun on St. Patrick's Day.
69. Go camping.
70. Host a poker night.

71. Get a scholarship.
72. Win a contest.
73. Win money playing Bingo.
74. Pay off my audit debt.
75. Put a loonie in a jar everyday for a year.

Things that affect and are important to me
76. Have a meaningful moment with a stranger.
77. Be able to wear something really sexy and feel it.
78. Have laser eye surgery.
79. Stop feeling embarassed about dumb things.
80. Stop letting things upset me that don't matter.
81. Become engaged.

Random Things
82. Join a team.
83. Learn to cook.
84. Bake something.
85. Learn to drive.
86. Make over my bedroom.
87. Get a better laptop.
88. Get a tattoo.
89. Stop biting my nails.
90. Get a new SIN card.
91. Go have a full spa treatment.
92. Donate old clothes.
93. Buy sexy lingerie.
94. Find the perfect pair of jeans.
95. Be an extra in a movie.
96. Eat exotic food.
97. Back up my LJ.
98. Ride a horse.
99. Become a regular at a coffee shop.
100. Buy an awesome pair of boots.
101. Write an LJ entry for every goal I complete.
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