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So work dramz (what else is new, except that is actually involves me), my ASM and I pretty much hate each other. She's an RMT (an outside hire, didn't promote up from barista to shift to ASM) who sucks at her job and is totally catty. She talks about me behind my back, saying I am not "cheerful" and that apparently some other store in our district claims I am a bitch. Considering I know one person from the store she is talking about, and I am pretty much friends with that person, I figure its her way of calling me a bitch but not outright aka she hides behind her stupid store saying it story. Anyway, I honestly don't even care cuz I am leagues above her in doing this job well, everyone at my store likes me better than her, and her life in general sounds pathetic. Other than having a good body (cuz she exercises a lot) she doesn't have much going for her. Also she flirts relentlessly with all the male customers, I think she's gone without for quite awhile. I have a huge list of things that she does wrong (some of which could get her in serious trouble) so if she pisses me off enough I plan on showing it to my SM and possibly my DM. I predict she won't last past the summer, or if anything tiff will break her come September.

Other than that stupidness just been working. I think I have a mild crush on my drum teacher haha. He's got a dorky cute thing going on, plus a cool musician thing and he's just the nicest guy. But he's married with a little girl and yeah.... its harmless, but he's cool.

I have this weekend off (working tomorrow insted of Sunday), I plan on cleaning like whoa and having me time. Rachel is going to Mike's for the weekend and Simon is working. I plan on cleaning, going to the gym, maybe shopping a bit (need to buy certain things) and getting rid of the rest of my old clothes.

So yes...daily life carries on.

Date: 2011-06-03 11:19 am (UTC)
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enjoy yout weekend off.
i know all about workdrama. i work with a lady who tries to constantly stab me in the back as i'm financially stable and won't help pay her bills. no joke. not worth the stress.


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