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2010-05-06 04:02 pm
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Writer's Block: Bad trip.

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I've got two. The first one without a doubt was the time I got rejected from entering the United States. It was my first real time travelling alone. I was taking the Greyhound from Toronto to San Fransisco to visit my uncle. I was 18 and not too savvy to travel. When I got to the border the border patrol asked me a bunch of questions, and one was "are you looking for work?" Me being the idiotic 18 year old that I was said "yes". I meant in Toronto, he thought I meant in the United States. So they wouldn't let me through. I had to stay in Windsor, Ontario until 1am (I think it was mid-afternoon when this happened) to take a bus back to Toronto. I was so upset and wanted to swear off travel. The next day though my mom's boyfriend convinced me to give it another shot, and he drove me to a different border stop in Michigan. We got in pretending we were going to some Ba'hai (he studies this religion) thing lol. Anyways, that was traumatic, but at least I got into the USA and eventually got to California. Even now whenever I enter the USA by Greyhound I get really nervous.

My second worst thing was losing my wallet in Rome, Italy. I was with my two friends, and it was disgustingly hot so we decided to sit in this park for a bit. For some dumb reason I took out my wallet and was kinda reorganizing all my money (I had British pounds, Euros, Canadian money etc.) and I think what happened was I put the wallet down and forgot it there. It wasn't until we were at a resturant having authentic Italian pizza did I realize my wallet was gone. We ran all the way back to the park (it was a good 30 minutes away) and it wasn't there. I remember my friend Beth telling me to be careful in Rome because people steal your wallet easily and I remember trying to keep an eye on my stuff and I still lost it. I don't believe it got stolen, I think it was just a dumb thing I did, but who knows. Anyways, my mom had to Western Union me money while I was in Venice, and again in Prague because Italy was smack dab in the middle of my month long European vacation and I had no money, no credit cards etc. It was a bit scary and stressful, but in the end it worked out and I still had a fun vacation.

But yes, those are my worst experiences. I still wouldn't give up travelling for anything though.